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What Are You Doing Behind Your Doctor’s Back?
The Dallas Morning News

April 11, 2014 – There is absolutely no reason to feel ashamed. Your doctor needs to know about any home remedies, or personal lifestyle choices. Non-prescribed dietary restrictions should also be reviewed in case your medical provider decides to order labs specific to your lifestyle selections. Read Blog

Are Anti-aging Hormones Aging You?
The Dallas Morning News

April 8, 2014 – “Mike” arrived in the office looking super-fit! The best I have ever seen him in the last 15 years. He was muscular, lean, and appeared incredibly healthy. But he felt “terrible” and wanted me to take over the management of his care. Mike has been seeing an anti-aging physician specialist outside of town and has been on a combination of three different hormone medications. But his medicine could kill him. Lab work demonstrated thickening of the blood which could put him at risk for blood clots in the legs, lungs or even heart. Read Blog

Heart Failure Patients Need Their Sleep

April 6, 2014 – A recent study found that sleep problems were common in patients hospitalized for heart failure. “This study reinforces the link between poor outcomes in patients with heart failure and poor sleep,” said Dr. Jeffrey Schussler, M.D., who was not involved in this research. Dr. Schussler is an interventional cardiologist at Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital in Dallas. The study, from University Hospital of Linkoping in Sweden, was presented at the EuroHeartCare 2014 meeting. Read Article

Say Hello to Sara: Stroke Assessment Robot
Fort Worth Business Journal

April 4, 2014 – Baylor All Saints Medical Center has added an important piece of new machinery – a 7-foot-tall robot dubbed SARA by the staff. SARA, which stands for Stroke Assessment Robotic Assistant, connects the Fort Worth hospital’s emergency room staff to a team of Baylor system neurologists around the clock, when a patient comes in showing symptoms of a stroke. Read Article

'Somebody cares': Donated Wedding Dresses Become 'Angel Gowns' for Babies Who Die

April 3, 2014 – After a Facebook post seeking more bridal dresses last year, NICU Helping Hands received about 40 that a handful of volunteer seamstresses turned into angel gowns. They were donated to Baylor All Saints Medical Center, where Grubbs’ husband is a neonatologist, to distribute to families free of charge. Read Article

Is Your Diet Soda Killing You?
The Dallas Morning News Health Blog

April 3, 2014 – According to, "older women (*I am not there yet says health blogger Dr. Jane Sadler) who consume two or more diet sodas per day are 30% more likely to suffer a cardiovascular event and 50% more likely to die from related disease than women who rarely consume the drinks." Read Blog

Noninvasive Colon Cancer Screening Highly Accurate

March 21, 2014 – Colon cancer is a treatable form of cancer when detected early, but many at-risk adults fail to get screened. A new study in the March 20 New England Journal of Medicine looked at a highly accurate new test that may change that. The study showed that Cologuard was highly effective at detecting precancer and cancer of the colon. Daniel DeMarco, MD, Medical Director of Digestive Disease Technology for Baylor Health Care System told DailyRx News this was an excellent study, and shared his top 3 take-aways. Read Article

Keller Student Turns to Therapy Dogs for Rehabilitation, Science Project
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

March 31, 2014 – When Sydney McMahan had surgery to remove a brain tumor in 2013, she was unable to sit up — much less walk. The Keller student faced daunting rehabilitation, an intimidating prospect for a child who was enrolled in the talented and gifted program at Hidden Lakes Elementary School. But Sydney — whose favorite things in the world are dogs and learning — was a perfect candidate for Baylor Health Care System’s Animal Assisted Therapy program. A simple game of hide-and-seek or chase or fetch with a volunteer dog is really a way of getting Sydney to move without feeling self-conscious or thinking she’s having to work hard. Read Article

1000 Dollars a Month on Supplements
The Dallas Morning News Health Blog

March 28, 2014 – Are dietary supplements worth the cost? Dr. Jane Sadler reviews several health studies about their effects. Read Blog

Heart Recipient to Officiate at Donor's Sister's Wedding

March 28, 2014 –A minister in Mexia received a heart from a Baylor Dallas patient two years ago. When the donor’s sister was planning her wedding, she had only one choice for the officiant. As the result of a collaboration between the PR departments at Scott & White Temple, where the transplant occurred, and Baylor Dallas, the story was picked up by CBS. The affiliate in Temple interviewed the minister, and the affiliate in Dallas covered the donor’s side of the story. The story also ran on the Austin stations. Watch Videos

North Texas Hospital Rated for Safety by "Consumer Reports"
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

March 27, 2014 – Baylor Medical Center at Waxahachie is far from North Texas’ largest hospital, but it’s the safest, according to a new Consumer Reports study. The well-known product testing organization used federal data to grade 2,591 U.S. hospitals, including 47 in the region, on their performance preventing deaths, infections and readmissions, along with the appropriate use of diagnostic scans and the quality of communication with patients. Read Article

Women: Better Hair Days With Less Hair Loss
The Dallas Morning News Health Blog

March 25, 2014 – Many times a year I see women referred by concerned hairdressers for thyroid testing due to noticeable hair thinning. Most of the time, the thyroid levels are fine and there are other causes of hair thinning that require medical attention and may respond to treatment. Read Blog

Don't Make Exercise a Seasonal Option
The Dallas Morning News Health Blog

March 21, 2014 – It is a beautiful day outside and the weather is finally warmer! It is time to dust off those sneakers and start exercising again. What happened over the winter? There should be no dust on your sneakers! Those sneakers are year-round style choices for your physical fitness wardrobe! Exercise is not weather-dependent. In a few months, it will be "too hot to exercise". Unfortunately, Texas weather can be a like a double-edged sword: either too hot or too cold. The trick to staying healthy and maintaining regular physical activity is keeping flexibility in exercise choices. Read Blog

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