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Loneliness and Heart Disease
Daily Rx

April 27, 2016 – A review of multiple studies found that loneliness and social isolation increased risk of both heart disease and stroke. Nicole K. Valtorta, MA, led the analysis of 23 studies covering more than 181,000 adults. "While there is debate as to whether there are direct links between psychiatric issues and psychosocial issues, there are definite logistical issues which make the care of patients who have cardiac disease more difficult," Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital cardiologist Jeffrey M. Schussler told DailyRx. "This paper by Valtorta shows an association between loneliness, isolation and cardiovascular disease." Read Article

HP Cardiologist Knows His Trade By Heart
Park Cities People

April 27, 2016 -- Ask Dr. William Roberts about his newly merited Lifetime Achievement award from the American College of Cardiology, and he'll tell you, "The key is survival." That is, outliving anyone else in his field, the Highland Park resident joked. More accurately, the executive director of Baylor Heart and Vascular Institute received the award on April 4 for his professional contributions and for being a role model. Read Article

Child Prodigies and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Daily Rx

April 13, 2016 – Joanne Ruthsatz, PhD, assistant professor of psychology, The Ohio State University and her daughter, journalist Kimberly Stephens, wrote a book based on Dr. Ruthsatz's research into child prodigies. Dr. Marjorie Milici, Baylor University Medical Center, discussed some options people have in treating autism. "Current therapies include early intervention with physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy," Dr. Milici said. "Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a therapy in which the child receives a positive response for their good behaviors. Most children are not on medicines except when they reach adolescence and may need help with ADHD or oppositional defiance disorder and violent tendencies. These patients may be started on some psychotropic drugs." Read Story

Your Article Saved My Life
The Dallas Morning News

April 10, 2016 – With a few minutes to spare one day, Beth Brooks opened up the electronic version of that day's Dallas Morning News. The article she saw led Beth to make a medical appointment that may have saved her life. Read Article

Baylor researchers studying impact of bionic robot on patients

April 6, 2016 – Technology continues to change the way patients are cared for. Therapists at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation are now using a bionic skeleton to assist patients recovering from spinal cord injuries or stroke. The device allows patients who are paralyzed or in need of strengthening their gait, the ability to walk, using assistance of the device that is attached to their body. Watch Video

Kenyan woman travels to Baylor searching for a miracle

April 5, 2016 – How far would you go to get the medical attention you need? A woman from Kenya traveled 21 hours on a plane to the Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation in Dallas. Jane Mwangi was shot and left paralyzed during a robbery attempt in her native country. Now is working to get her life back. Watch Video

103 year old volunteer still making a difference at Baylor
Fox 4 KDFW

April 4, 2016 – “You don’t look that old.” It’s the comment that 103 year old volunteer Clarence Griffith hears almost every day. The caring hearts volunteer at Baylor Dallas has been assisting families at the hospital for the last nine years, shortly after he was a patient himself. His caring heart is what got the attention of Fox 4 TV in Dallas, who honored Griffith as their Hometown Hero. Watch Video

Exploring Health – Aortic Dissections

April 4, 2016 – Aortic dissection is a serious condition in which the inner layer of the aorta, the large blood vessel branching off the heart, tears. As blood soars through this tear the inner and middle layers of the aorta separate, called dissection. Vascular surgeon Dennis Gable at The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano, explains this potentially deadly condition. Watch Video

Lifestyle Changes After Stents
KERA Radio (90.1 FM)

April 4, 2016 – A heart stent may fix the blockage but lifestyle changes post procedure can make a difference in long-term health. Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital cardiologist Jeffrey Schussler talks about lifestyle changes on KERA’s Vital Signs. Listen

Best friend gives the gift of life

March 23, 2016 – They were already best friends, but now two North Texas men share an even more special bond. They share a kidney. Brant Hannon found out that his friend needed a kidney to survive from a Facebook post, now they are encouraging others to Share the gift of life. Watch the story

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