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Dr. Jane Sadler is a family medicine physician on staff at Baylor Medical Center at Garland and is a regular contributor to the Dallas Morning News Health Blog. Read her latest contributions:

August 2015:

Parenting Does Not Have to Be a Traumatic Experience
The Dallas Morning News Health Blog

August 14, 2015 – My mother called it "selective amnesia." It was not until the birth of her fifth child (delivered within eight years of the first), that she and my father elected to stop having more babies. According to Demography 2015, statistically, my parents may have stopped after the first child and the rest of us would never have been born. In this scientific article, researchers evaluated parental well-being following the birth of their first child. Read Blog

Taking Care of Yourself in an Empty Nest
The Dallas Morning News Health Blog

August 11, 2015 – When my daughter was 4, she made plans to run away. I calmly reminded her that she'd need a coat and a blanket for cool nights, and food for when she got hungry. She quickly changed her mind. Now she's 18, and she's making plans to leave again — for Duke University. There's no going back this time. My husband and I have mixed emotions of fear, anxiety, uncertainty — and relief. Read Blog

Spice It Up and Add Years to Your Life!
The Dallas Morning News Health Blog

August 7, 2015 – When treating patients with cold and flu symptoms, I advise a drive over to my favorite Thai restaurant for a delicious bowl of Tom Kha soup. The chicken broth has a favorable effect on respiratory illness recovery and the spicy flavors will clear any stuffy nose. That's good news if you have a cold. Now I have even better news. Recent evidence suggests that spicy food is associated with a reduced risk for death. Read Blog

July 2015:

EMPTY: Acronym to Help Empty Nesters Manage Through This Next Fall
The Dallas Morning News Health Blog

July 31, 2015 – It is time to fly on her own and we are tossing the baby bird out of the nest. My husband and I have mixed emotions of fear, anxiety, uncertainty….and relief. My daughter is about to leave to college and I must not fall apart. I take comfort knowing that I am not sitting alone in this roller coaster. My patients commonly experience similar feelings. I researched "empty nester" and found it is not considered a clinical diagnosis. Read Blog

Too Hard on Her Heart; A Weight Loss Supplement Warning
The Dallas Morning News Health Blog

July 22, 2015 – All kinds of red flags went up as I reviewed her electrocardiogram. A healthy and exceptionally active 50-year old, "Karen" had arrived complaining of chest pain. After a thorough and unremarkable physical exam, the abnormal electrocardiogram (EKG) abnormalities were a surprise. It appeared she was having a heart attack. Read Blog

You May Be One of the 13 Million to Benefit From This News
The Dallas Morning News Health blog

July 17, 2015 – Instead of trying to achieve aggressively low LDL (“bad cholesterol”) levels in all people, the new treatment approach for many patients will focus on the 10- year risk of cardiovascular (heart) disease. The recommendation is to treat those with a 10 year risk greater than 7.5% of a heart attack, stroke, or similar event in the next 10 years. Let me try my best to hit the latest statin highlights and clarify the significance of this information. Read Blog

When Packing for College, Don’t Forget the First-Aid Kit
The Dallas Morning News Health blog

July 14, 2015 – Like most parents, I feel vulnerable when it comes to sending my child off to college. As a helicopter mom, I have seriously considered packing myself inside her suitcase. But her senior year is over, and it is time to let her go. Before I send her out the door, I’ll equip her with the proper tools and knowledge to manage minor injuries and ailments. Read Blog

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is When It Comes to Heart Health
The Dallas Morning News Health blog

July 11, 2015 – Poor health hygiene can result in loss of gum health and structural bone support. The World Health Organization reports 10-20 percent of people worldwide have severe dental disease and nearly 40 percent has moderate disease. One study found that people who brushed their teeth less often had a 70 percent increased risk of heart disease compared to those with strict oral hygiene habits. Read Blog

Seven Sour Truths About Sweetened Beverages
The Dallas Morning News Health blog

July 2, 2015 – Recently, a local Dallas TV station contacted me for an interview about a recently released study on sugary drinks. Intrigued by the research, I wanted to go back and conduct further research after my brief television interview I could not help but feel a twinge of guilt because of my sweet snack distributions. Nonetheless, I have come up with seven interesting, but "bitter," facts about sweetened beverages that summarize why this information matters to you. Read Blog

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